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Save Energy, Save Money

Meet the Smartest Thermostat paired with the Ultimate
Home Protection.

Save Energy, Save Money

Meet the Smartest Thermostat paired with the Ultimate
Home Protection.

When You Talk, Home Listens.

Meet Google Home and other products to make your home a little smarter.

Smart Home Automation Systems in Toronto, Mississauga, and Surrounding Areas

Home is our favourite place and we know it’s yours too. It’s where our lives happen, where our memories are made, and where our comfort comes from. But what happens when things break and fail, leaving us cold and unsafe? What do you do when your comfort is taken away?

At VIVA Home Comfort, we make sure your comfort and safety are never in jeopardy. We provide Canadian homeowners with essential home services and energy solutions to live comfortably in a home that cares for the people in it and the environment around it.

We listen to your needs and make sure you and your family are covered. Whether that means keeping an eye on your home while you’re on vacation or optimizing air quality for your child who suffers from asthma, our Smart Home systems have your back.

Say Hello To Smart Home Bundles.

Smart Home Solutions for your Nest

Home automation makes life easier, more comfortable, and more efficient by placing full control over your home environment at your fingertips.

VIVA Home Comfort offers a wide range of products and services aimed at providing smart, high quality, reliable, and efficient services at the best prices. Discover how our entire range of Smart Home solutions can help you create a home environment that’s right for you and your family:


  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Nest CO/Smoke Detector
  • Nest Indoor Camera
  • Nest Outdoor Camera
  • Google Home
  • Smart Door Lock

Lots of warmth, little fuel wasted.

Experience perfect warmth, in perfect peace and quiet.

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Home Heating and Cooling

Living in Ontario means living with extreme temperature changes and only those who live here can truly understand why we run indoors when it’s either too hot or too cold. We understand the value of effective heating and cooling systems just like any other Canadian.

If it’s a new furnace you have in mind, innovations like Precise Comfort® technology help Lennox® furnaces keep temperatures consistent, costs down, and comfort way up. Also, our selection of air conditioners include options to harness solar energy, adapt to the local environment, reduce noise, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Air Filters

The health effects of poor air quality are innumerable and can range from mild allergies to severe respiratory and heart conditions.

The Health Climate® HEPA system removes up to 99.97% of all allergens from your home. It also works hard to prevent harmful particles from entering your home in the first place.

Water Heaters

High efficiency water heaters can save you money and aggravation, while minimizing the effects on the environment.

Discover how our tankless or traditional water heaters heat water faster, more efficiently, maintain temperature levels without reheating, and use eco-friendly technology like GREENFOAM insulation without HCFCs (hydro chlorofluorocarbons), CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), or VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Water Treatment

With up to 60% of the human body composed of water, the importance of safe and clean water cannot be overstated.

Our selection of water treatment systems work hard to remove harmful chemicals and modify hard water to make the water in your home safe for drinking and cooking, less damaging to your skin, and your home’s hardware. If you’ve ever noticed a white, hard-to-clean build up around your faucets and coffee maker, your home may be in a hard water area.

Did you know that you may be eligible to receive up to $650 in heating & cooling rebates?

Visit our rebate & incentives page to see all of the rebates currently available in Ontario.

Making Home Comfort Better.

Find out how we are changing the home services industry.

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Sit Back and Enjoy Your Home

Let VIVA Home Comfort worry about making it the comfortable environment your family deserves. Your wellness, satisfaction, and peace of mind are our top priority.

Talk to our team today and learn how our passion, experience, and knowledge drive us to create comfort and peace of mind for every one of our customers.