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Who Is Viva Home Comfort?

We are making home comfort better.

Home is our favourite place and we know it’s yours too. It is where our lives happen, our memories are made and our comfort comes from. But what happens when things break and fail, making us feel cold and unsafe? What do you do when your comfort is taken away? With the busy rush of daily life, we realize there are better ways to cut our daily mental checklist in half through home automation. From the unthinkable like a home break-in to the fear-of-missing-out moments like your baby’s first steps, there is a lot that you can miss when you’re not there.

At VIVA Home Comfort, we provide Canadian homeowners with innovative technology to give you an automated and intuitive home that cares for the people in it and the environment around it. This is the kind of living space that homeowners could only dream of years ago, one that gives you peace of mind with a smart, secure, and connected home at the touch of their fingertips.

What is true comfort? To us, comfort means your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It means visual appeal, ease of control, and simplicity with our Smart Home products. It means reliable hot water to get your busy day moving; clean and soft water; and a safe, smart and secure home. Above all, it means a home that works for you.

What makes us different? VIVA Home Comfort offers a wide range of products to equip you with smart, high quality, affordable, and efficient services at the best prices. We focus on the constant innovation around us, never afraid to reinvent ourselves. As a company that embraces change for better products, services, and energy solutions, one thing remains: our dedication to you, the homeowner.

With VIVA Home Comfort your only job is to sit back and enjoy your home; let us worry about making it the best living space for you. Your wellness, satisfaction and comfort are our top priority! Talk to our people today and experience firsthand their experience, passion, and knowledge about the work they do daily.

Because comfort and peace of mind is priceless.




Our Mission

At Viva Home Comfort we strive to provide customers peace-of-mind for the most essential equipment in their homes.


We want to earn customer’s business in Ontario by providing the highest quality products and services at the best possible price for all your home essentials.

Our values

Company Integrity
Honest and straightforward
Environmentally friendly
Community Involvement
Simple and easy to deal with
Make promises and uphold them
Always put the customer first