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Air Conditioners

A new standard in reliable home cooling systems.

Smart Air Conditioners for your Home

Using Air Conditioners With Smarts of their Own

Between the changing climate and elevated hydro costs, increasing the efficiency of your home heating and cooling systems has never been more important.

Our range of air conditioners use forward-thinking technology to:

• Harness energy from the sun, reducing electricity costs by up to 50%.
• Modify cooling based on the local climate.
• Pair with Smart Home tools such as the Nest Thermostat, which provides consistent temperatures in your home, increasing efficiency and creating a custom temperature program based on your routines and needs. Paired together, you see even greater financial and energy savings.
• Reducing noise and energy emissions.
• Work well with your whole home heating and cooling system.
• Increase comfort for your entire family by providing consistent temperature control throughout the hot months.

The VIVA Home Comfort Advantage

Whether you’re looking for an air conditioner installation or a full home cooling and heating audit, our team is at your service.

With a passion for helping customers feel safe and comfortable in their own homes, our team will find the best air conditioning option for your home and your budget.

Sit back and enjoy your home. Let VIVA Home Comfort worry about making it the comfortable environment your family deserves. Your wellness, satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priority.

Talk to our team today and learn how our passion, experience and knowledge drive us to create comfort and peace of mind for every one of our customers.
Ask us about our Cooling Protection Plans, which includes annual air conditioning maintenance, parts, and labour warranty.

Savings You Can See and Feel.


Heating and cooling can account for about half of a home’s total utility bill.* By upgrading to a high-efficiency system, you can cut your energy costs while keeping your family perfectly comfortable. Use the calculator below to see how much you could save.


Annual Savings

See What The Customers Are Saying.

The cool air seems to be pushed out with more strength than our old system so the house is cooling quickly!!


Replaced an old, inefficient and noisy AC. Didn’t know how bad the old one was working until experienced our new Lennox. Much quieter and we look forward to the energy cost savings.


My electricity bill has gone down $70.00 a month now on the budget.