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Will a new furnace work differently than my old one?

Yes, but better. Because of furnace technology, modern technologies provide a more efficient and even heating that older model. This change can impact not only how you receive the heat, but also how much you pay for it.

Advanced furnaces move more air over the exchanger than older ones which increases the airflow and producing a more comfortable living environment. The heat may not be as warm coming out of the register but will be delivered more efficiently for more comfort and less cost.

Also, the newer technology allows the furnace to integrate with the more advanced air conditioners to boost your total air comfort experience.


How often should I change the standard one-inch throw-away filter on my furnace?

You should change these standard furnace filters about every six to eight weeks. Change it too soon, and you lose efficiency, change it too late, and you may risk a clogged air flow.


Why Furnace Filters?

On average, a human breathes in over 35K pints of air daily. The cleaner this air determines how healthy the air is to breathe. Furnace filters remove dust and allergens in our homes airflow providing us purer air to breathe.

You should change your filter according to the recommendation of your manufacturer to attain pure air in your home. Also, a clogged air filter can harm your furnace and make it run less efficient.


What temperature should I set my thermostat if I leave my home for an extended period?

We recommend to set your thermostat to 55 degrees to save money and energy, but leave your home warm enough to protect your home structure and the pipes. Also, you might want to turn your main water supply off to prevent pipes busting from frozen water causing costly leaks.


Do I need have my furnace cleaned annually?

Yes, cleaning your furnace will ensure your furnace will operate at peak efficiency and reduce energy costs. Also, it helps to prevent costly repair bills in the future. Another reason for annual cleaning by a professional is they will be able to inspect your furnace for safety issues which may arise or replace defective or damaged parts.


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Viva! It is a great experience, I called Viva home comfort because I was having an issue with my furnace. They came the next day and told me that my old furnace was not safe and needed replaced. They came the same day and showed me the options I had for purchase. The installation was scheduled for

Elon Yu, Vaughan


Just replaced my new water tank. Had a leak but the technician came back within 1hr to check on it. Now everything great. Elena the representative was great to talk to. Very friendly and patient. Helped me save some extra cash.

Bulldog Bull, Vaughan


Very professional team and good deals on Nest products. Tech was very friendly, he explained everything to us in great detail how to use the Nest thermostat. Really enjoying my Nest. Thanks Viva!

mike g, Vaughan


My experience with Viva was really nice. I've been looking to buy Nest thermostat, but sales rep came to my house and I found out that I can get one for free if I would change my tank. He was really respectful and knowledgeable. I enjoy my Nest and new water tank.

Paul Owe, Vaughan


Manager Vlad was great! He helped me to switch from my old expensive protection plan to smart home by Viva Home Comfort with great price. I love my new plan and nest. Thank you Viva team.

Kak Zachem, Vaughan

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