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Nest Outdoor Camera

Keep Intruders at Bay with a 24/7 Outdoor Camera

What does the Nest Cam Outdoors Offer?

  • A 24/7, live, high definition video feed via the Nest app on your smart phone or device.
  • A plug-in-and-go advantage; Just plug it in without any concerns about the batteries running out.
  • Built-in speakers and microphones, allowing you to listen or speak.
  • Kicks into Night Vision mode, keeping the images illuminated even when it’s dark outside.
  • Alerts your Nest app when it hears a loud boom or crash and shows you images from the time of the sound.
  • A 3-hour rewind so you can see if anything happened within the last few hours.
  • Allows you to share a public app password with neighbors (if you’re willing), to keep an eye on the neighborhood together.
  • Works with the Nest Cam Indoor… and more.

Looking for more? An optional subscription provides value-added features, including:

  • Records and backs-up video feeds on the cloud for up to 30 days.
  • Detects people entering the scene and unusual activity, then sends you an alert via the Nest app.

Allows you to create and share clips of the feed to share with concerned neighbors or police.

Home is meant to be your safe place. When the unthinkable is about to occur, the Nest Cam Outdoor steps into action to catch suspicious activity outside your home. Nest Cam Outdoor helps keep your home secure and your family safe by keeping an eye on the exterior of your home and alerting you through the Nest application if something is out of the ordinary.

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