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Water Heaters

Water Heater Options to Build Comfort, Increase Efficiency

Smart Water Heaters for your Home

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Water Heaters

Navigating through the many high efficiency water heater options can be tricky. There are many options revolving around physical dimensions, capacity, energy source, efficiency, budget, environmentally friendly options, and more. At VIVA Home Comfort, we’ve done the research to offer you top of the line tankless and traditional waters heaters of various capacities, ensuring that all of our water heaters are of the highest quality and efficiency standard.

Determine Your Water Heater Needs

How many people live in your home?
What is the size of your home?
How many bathrooms are in your home?
What is the size of your utility room?
What kind of furnace do you have? What is the size?
Does your current water heater use natural gas or electricity?
Do you ever run into water heater issues?
Do you find yourself running out of hot water in the shower when someone else is washing dishes?
Do you currently rent or own your water heater?

Consider Your Water Heater Options by calling our team today. We are prepared to address all of your hot water needs so you are never left with ice-cold water mid-shower again.

See What The Customers Are Saying.

Owned the tank for 15 months. To date there are no problems and I always have plenty of hot water. In the laundry room there is hot water within 5 seconds; in the shower, within 10 seconds. It never runs out. It has been totally unobtrusive in operation as well as completely reliable. I have used it in a commercial laundromat with great results over a three year period.

H. van der Sluis

Navien Tankless

We switched out water heater to the Giant glass-lined one because our previous one was metal-lined and stopped working one day. We are very happy with the installation and the tank. So far we haven’t run out of hot water and also noticed a slight drop on our gas consumption as well.

Xiu Chen

Giant Gas Water Heater