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Water Treatment

Remove Harmful Chemicals with a Highly Effective Water Treatment System

Water Treatment and Softner in Toronto, Mississauga and Surrounding Areas

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Water Treatment

With up to 60% of the human body composed of water , the importance of safe, clean water cannot be overstated. Our bodies rely on water for general health, cell regeneration, energy, blood flow, proper organ function, brain chemistry, and more.

At VIVA Home Comfort, our selection of water treatment systems work hard to make the water in your home safe for drinking and cooking, gentler on skin, and gentler on expensive hardware such as faucets, pots, and pans.

Our water treatment products continue our quest to help turn your home into the safe and comfortable oasis your entire family deserves.

The Simply Soft Water Softener

Do you live in an area with hard water? That’s where the local water supply has high levels of minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium carbonate. While hard water isn’t necessarily bad for you – in fact, some might argue that it’s actually good for you – hard water is rough on our bodies, especially on skin and hair (can you say, ‘dry?’).

Hard water also leaves mineral deposits on faucets, kettles, coffee makers, showerheads, plumbing, and more. These deposits harden and become tough to clean, sometimes causing long-term damage, corrosion, and ugly messes.

The Simply Soft Water Softener removes the calcium and magnesium, increasing comfort for everyone living in the home.

Water Softener

The Simply Pure Chemical Remover

Dangerous chemicals and metals often make their way into our homes via our drinking water. The Simply Pure Chemical Remover removes things like chlorine, lead, and other dangerous toxins, reducing the risk of water-borne illnesses and illnesses related to the consumption or exposure to these dangerous chemicals.

Sit back and enjoy your home. Let VIVA Home Comfort worry about making it the safe, comfortable environment your family deserves. Your wellness, satisfaction, and peace of mind are our top priority.

Talk to our team today and learn how our passion, experience, and knowledge drive us to create comfort and peace of mind for every one of our customers.

Removes Volatile Organic Chemicals

Carbon Tetrachloride
Vinyl Chloride
Ethylene Dibromide


Do You Have Hard Water?


If you notice a lot of white scale build-up around your faucets and appliances or dryness of skin when using the tap water in your home, you may be living in a hard water area.

Ontario Hardness Chart By City

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See What The Customers Are Saying.

What a difference this water softener made in our home. We noticed the difference on our skin right away and all of the white scale on our dishwasher is gone!


Soft Like Silk

Since getting the water filter in our home, we stopped wasting money on water bottles. We now have clean delicious water in our home and would not go back to drinking from the tap. Also we feel the difference when we shower. We love this system.


No More Water Bottles